Weight loss and everlasting youth?

Resveratrol supplements have been promoted as weight loss, everlasting youth, anti-cancer, cholesterol busting and anti-mutagen wonder foods that nobody can do without.

Let’s get to some truth of the wonder chemical found in red wine and grape skins.

First, what is it? Resveratrol is phytoalexin, or a plant chemical that is produced as part of the plant’s system of defense when attacked by pathogens.

It is a plant antibiotic that is toxic to the attacking organism although normally very specific to the organism in question. What has all this go to do with weight loss and everlasting life?

Phytoalexins belong to a class of chemicals known as polyphenols that are very highly antioxidant.

It is that antioxidant property that accounts for many of its beneficial properties, and antioxidants can help you to retain your youthful looks longer.

For an explanation of that we have to have a look at “free radicals” and what they do to your body cells.

Resveratrol 1000Free radicals are small oxygenated molecules generated by the UV portion of sunlight, by exposure to pollutants such as pesticides, industrial pollution, traffic emissions and tobacco smoke, and are also generated in your body as part of your natural metabolism.

Free radicals also destroy body cells: specifically, they rupture cell membranes and kill them off. That means that skin cells are destroyed, leaving your skin looking wrinkled, leathery and generally aged.

That’s often why fair skinned people that live in hot countries end up looking older than they actually are.

Free radicals also oxidize LDL cholesterol and deposit it as plaques in your artery walls. These plaques build up and narrow the arteries, eventually causing heart attacks and strokes.

Resveratrol helps to stop these things happening because its antioxidant properties kill off free radicals. Your skin stays younger-looking, and you have a reduced chance for strokes and heart attacks.

So how about the weight loss? Is there an explanation for that? You bet there is! Mitochondria are the power plants of your body cells.

Every cell contains mitochondria, in which all of the energy needed by your body is generated from your blood glucose. Resveratrol weight loss supplements contain a substance that promotes mitochondrial biogenesis, or the creation of new mitochondria.

This results in a higher metabolic rate that burns glucose faster, and so prevents excess blood sugar from being converted to fatty tissue.

A high metabolic rate burns off sugar and fats at a higher rate even when you are at rest, and so again prevents sugars from the carbohydrates in your diet from being converted to fatty tissue.

That is another property that the phytoalexins in resveratrol possess.

Depending on the article or web reference, you will be informed that resveratrol prevents the creation of mitochondria (this would kill you), prevents the emission of insulin (give you diabetes), stimulates the generation of mitochondria, stimulates the emission of insulin and improves the use to which insulin is put.

The truth is that Resveratrol can help to reduce weight in those individuals predisposed to diabetes because it does stimulate the formation of new mitochondria, possesses a blood glucose normalizing effect, and appears to possess anti-diabetic properties and helps to maintain normal insulin levels.

So what does all of this add up to when we remove the hype, hysteria and plain misunderstood biochemistry?

Resveratrol supplements can help you to maintain youthful looking skin and so give the appearance of staying younger longer.

It can help you to stay clear of some of the age-related conditions such as atherosclerosis by virtue of its antioxidant properties.

Yes, it can help you to lose weight by ensuring an adequate supply of new mitochondria to replace those that are naturally lost in your body cells, and yes, it does increase your metabolic rate and makes best use of the sugars extracted from the carbohydrates in your diet.

What that means is that these sugars will be less liable to be metabolized to fatty tissue.

Finally, Resveratrol has appetite suppressant properties, and when all of these effects are combined you could not only keep looking younger, but also lose weight by taking a resveratrol supplement.

You should never believe all that you read online without substantiating the information, and don’t be fooled by all the hype.

However, Resveratrol does have benefits that are desirable, and there are valid scientific reasons that support adding it to your health and wellness regime.