We are surrounded by toxins every day; commercial products, processed foods and polluted air are just a few of the poisonous culprits. Our bodies’ natural processes take care of these toxic materials – the kidneys separate waste from the bloodstream, then the liver metabolizes and eliminates this waste. Our bodies also release toxins through the lungs, lymph nodes and the skin. With society’s increased usage of harmful chemicals, adverse side effects on our bodies have become a great concern – toxic buildup can cause chronic fatigue, pains and illnesses. In turn, many herbalists have advocated for detoxification.

Detoxification is a process that helps the body to eliminate harmful waste. Detox methods range between simple diet changes to more extreme forms, such as fasting. The simple addition of herbs such as lemon, Echinacea, green tea, and cayenne pepper can produce a gradual but profound effect on cognition, energy, and immunity. Besides using herbs, simply taking time out to relax and de-stress also detoxes the body, as stress impairs the immune system.

If you feel like your body needs a massive overhaul to feel at your peak again, you might consider following a fasting program. A multitude of fasting programs exist – such as the Master Cleanse. Fasting gives your organs a chance to rest and clean everything out, allowing you to feel happier and rejuvenated. Before you start a fast however, be cautious: you must know exactly what you’re doing, as fasting is a delicate process. Talk to a qualified herbalist in your area before beginning any fasting program.

Vitabase 7 Day Colon Cleanse

The buildup of waste inside your colon can prevent the absorption of vital nutrients. Before initiating a nutritional regimen, ensure that your intestinal system is working normally with Vitabase’s Colon Cleanse. 7 Day Colon Cleanse is a completely natural colon detoxifier that helps cleanse the digestive tract and reestablish regularity.