Cortisol and Weight Loss

What you need to know.

Most men and women are concerned with their physical appearance. And because it greatly influences physical appearance, many are concerned with issues of weight.

Because people want to have appealing bodies, many are quick to jump on the newest diet bandwagon, then become stressed as they realize they cannot lose weight on merely fads alone.

And it has been proven that stress can be a contributing cause of weight gain and overweight conditions, especially regarding the abdominal region.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal gland and released into the body when one becomes stressed.

It helps to break down proteins into glucose, so the body can get a quick burst of energy to deal with the stress.

But when an individual is continually stressed, the added glucose produced by the body turns into fat.

Some diet pills claim to decrease the body’s cortisol production so that less glucose is made.

The body naturally releases cortisol daily, but some weight loss supplements claim to lower the amount of cortisol produced.

Truthfully it is never a good idea to attempt to alter the body’s natural rhythm of hormone production.

All people are different and their bodies deal differently under stress.

Some people eat more and some do not eat at all, either way more glucose is produced in the body due to the increased levels of Cortisol, which will only aid in the gaining of weight as opposed to weight loss.

There are many factors, which contribute to an individual’s weight gain, and one’s cortisol levels should be taken into consideration.

So remember to try to relieve stress as a means of controlling cortisol levels which might prevent your efforts to lose weight, and more importantly help to keep you from gaining weight.