Anxiety is normal, but if it occurs often, there might be a problem.

Anxiety is closely related to stress, and can cause a variety of unwanted feelings; worry, irritability, restlessness, and even sweating and trembling of the body.

Anxiety is sometimes related to genetics and no one can live a completely stress free life; however for some, it presents a particular problem.

People who experience such a level of anxiety are often more depressed, have a higher suicide rate, or live an unhealthy lifestyle.

Life throws each of us unavoidable “curve balls”. At any given time, we may experience unexpected, if not unwelcome, circumstances.

But these stresses need to be dealt with, as opposed to allowing them to control our lives, which can ultimately result in anxiety.

For people experiencing emotional overload, anxiety can set in quickly. It causes a life teaming with fear and trepidation, as opposed to contentment and even happiness.

Good and bad events happen in life, but in learning to cope with the bad and resolve problems, you can avoid anxiety. This is important not only for moving forward in life, but also in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

There are small things you can do, both physically and mentally, to stop or relieve the onset of anxiety when you experience a bad day or feel overwhelmed.

For example, if you find yourself faced with a staggering workload, just think, ” I know I have a lot of work, but every task will relieve some of the load.”

Or when you are feeling anxious, stop, take a deep breath and then let it out slowly – let your body relax and feel the anxiety leave your body.

True these may seem simplistic, but by visualizing yourself becoming relaxed, you can reduce the stress in your body and thus relieve some of the anxiety you feel.

Certain stress reduction exercises such as yoga or meditation can also prove beneficial in relieving anxiety and stress.

Anxiety can also take a physical toll on your body causing symptoms such as sleeplessness or trembling.

This is because the body is in such a state of stress that it cannot function normally. Extreme cases, where an individual cannot cope with normal life, can be harmful .

If you find yourself experiencing anxiety to the point where you cannot eat or sleep, then professional assistance is most likely required to deal with your specific situation.

No one is expected to live completely stress free, and everyone experiences normal bouts of anxiety in dealing with life everyday.

It is your ability to cope with stress and anxiety that allows you to live happily and normally.

By practicing certain lifestyle behaviors, you can reduce the amount of anxiety you might otherwise experience, and lead a relatively stress-free, anxiety-free life.